Offensive transition

Offensive transition

How to define it?

Firstly, it is important to emphasize that an offensive transition does not always result in finishing. In my opinion, the key aspect of this moment is to take advantage of the temporary disorganized opponent´s system to then take over their defensive field as quickly as possible.

The action starts as soon as the team regains ball possession.

There are two possibilities: the first one is the opportunity to conclude the play with finishing (as shown on the video), while the second is to begin the offensive organization, however, already occupying the opponent´s defensive zone. Distinguishing between one action and another is what differentiates well-trained teams to others, otherwise, there is a high-risk chance of giving away ball possession in a hasty and unnecessary way.

In both cases, there are common aspects that can be observed. Here are some:

-Quick decision making;
-Speed of play;
-Switching play

All these will give you chances to:

-Exploit open spaces left by the opponent;
-Breakthrough defensive lines (either through passes or an individual play).

Good training!

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