Defensive transition


How to define it?

Another key element in the football game is the defensive transition. It can be defined as the exact moment after my team loses ball possession.

Such situation will lead to two different possibilities:

A- to pressure the ball zone

Pros: If executed properly it is a great strategy to disturb and slow down the opponent´s organization and, in most cases, regain possession very quickly;

Cons: It may demand a greater physical exertion, and if not done properly can leave room to counter-attacks.

B- to reorganize the team and start the defensive organization

Pros: It decreases the chances to be exposed to counter-attacks as well as it exerts less physical stress;

Cons: It gives time and opportunity to the opponent to start their offensive organization without much disturbance.

The defensive transition is a phase that sometimes is not much appreciated and developed by some teams, however, it can actually be one of the crucial factors that differentiate successful teams from others.

Which approach would you choose?

Have good sessions!

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